Review Policy

Submission Guidelines

  • When submitting the research article, authors should ensure that the research work is novel and has not previously been published, as well as that it is not currently being considered for publication in any other conferences/journals.
  • Submit your article via Easychair Management system. Easychair Link available @ Submission Page.
  • Plagiarism should be less than15% and Single source should less than 5% is required for the Submission Process.
  • Plagiarism is the sole responsibility of authors. From submission to publication, research articles should not be submitted anywhere.

Peer Review Policy

  • Conferences will frequently plan to publish preliminary research findings rather than a more complete research work that could be considered for publication in a conference proceedings.
  • The conference articles will go through the standard double-blind peer-review process with experienced and qualified reviewers from the reputed institutions.
  • Conference papers should contribute significantly to research by either proposing a novel approach or conducting a thorough investigation and unique comparison of existing research material.
  • Each article was reviewed by three to four reviewers, and the article was recommended if two of them agreed.
  • Plagiarism Policy

    Plagiarism can have serious legal and ethical implications for the proposed author. The use of existing/published author's language, including their research flow/process, data, results/phrasing, and phrasing without citation of the source research piece, will be deemed unacceptable and inadmissible at the conference.